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People walking around an area surrounded by flats, greenery, and a distant church

Tetra Tech provides placemaking insights on how to make buildings and spaces in developments work in harmony to create a vibrant and distinct sense of place.

Our team of architects, landscape architects, urban designers and masterplanners work in unison with our own multidisciplinary teams, providing cutting-edge design, development, and economic planning to meet our clients’ objectives.

Sustainable development is ingrained into our design process. Whether designing innovative water management systems, integrating sustainable infrastructure into cities, or working with developers and communities to reduce carbon footprints, improved living and sustainability is at the heart of each project.

Our placemaking projects are designed to be functional, contextually responsive and people friendly, while also evoking a feeling of inspiration and beauty within.

Our related placemaking services

Two matching barracks style buildings opposite one another with clean short cut grass surrounding them


Happy people walking in an open space courtyard in front of a large church, surrounded by lush green trees and sections of grass with benches and lampposts

Landscape Architecture

A bird's eye view of an urban area with greenery and connecting roads

Urban Design and Masterplanning

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Our featured placemaking highlights

Headshot of Annie Casinelli

Annie Casinelli – Inclusive Placemaking

Scotland’s green coastline from above, sandy beach to right and blue skies in distance

Managing the RAF’s Lossiemouth Development Programme

Person in army uniform using binoculars riding on tank in field

Delivering service family homes to Salisbury Plain

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