Tetra Tech supports organisations with efficiently delivering properties that meet business needs and operational requirements, whether they are solely for commercial use or part of a larger mixed-use development.

From offices to retail spaces and industrial warehouses, the properties within our public spaces continue to face complex technical challenges in offering value and adapting to the needs of investors, developers, owners, and occupants.

Tetra Tech works with property owners and developers across a wide spectrum of real estate projects to shape cities and out-of-town developments that meet the evolving behaviours of end users.

As planning consultants, environmental experts, surveyors, engineers, and project managers, we employ an equal mix of innovative thinking and digital technology to anticipate the needs of occupiers, inform decision-making, and ensure regulatory compliance. Our asset and facilities managers then provide real-time data and analytics for ongoing compliance, maintenance, and performance improvement.

Our team is part of Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group, providing a suite of high-end consulting and engineering design services for our clients’ most challenging building projects around the world.

Our Property Sector expertise includes:

  • Retail, Leisure & Town Centres
  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Industrial & Commercial
  • Science & Technology
  • Mixed-Use & Regeneration
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Public Sector
  • Finance

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