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Government Services

The outside of a government building, with four large pillars

Tetra Tech provides government services to help public sector clients improve their operations, maximise the value of their assets, and deliver on their promises to communities and stakeholders.

The UK faces unprecedented challenges after exiting the European Union. For public sector services, implementing a new industrial strategy that prioritises digital solutions and net zero carbon is essential during these changes.

Tetra Tech works closely with departments, authorities, and agencies to inform decision-making in public sector services and solutions. We utilise a full suite of professional advisory insights to help our clients improve operations, maximise asset value, and deliver to communities and stakeholders.

Our public sector services and solutions focus on making a difference, whether it’s enhancing transport networks, improving access to lifesaving drugs, supporting safety and justice, or delivering better embassy infrastructure.

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We are appointed to seven Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks. These allow all public sector clients to directly award projects or include us in further competition. Find out more.

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Our featured government services highlights

A large indoor hospital pillar with colorful shapes carved into it

Reimagining Sheffield Children’s Hospital

3D visualization of a big garden next to a large modern style bioscience lab building

Detailed design for a new bioscience hub in Harlow

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