Tetra Tech provides multidisciplinary skills and knowledge from inception to handover on a local and national level to meet the ever-growing housing demand.

Residential spaces are where we live, work, play, study, and socialise. Recent trends, however, have begun to change what these places look like. The pressures of a growing population and calls for urbanisation have led to greater housing demand, yet land availability is limited and the size of households shrinking. These changes are demanding that residential spaces meet a high quality-of-life standard worthy of being called our homes.

At Tetra Tech, we know residential is a diverse sector requiring an up-to-date understanding of the market and the external influences upon it. We work with a range of clients from private developers to housing associations and student accommodation providers to bring their projects to fruition and create attractive spaces and communities that people are proud of.

We take our clients through the planning process, bringing in our environmental and transport consultants to support developments through the design stages, while calling on our project and cost managers to ensure schemes maximise benefits and minimise risk.

Our team is part of Tetra Tech’s high performance buildings group, providing a suite of high-end consulting and engineering design services for our clients’ most challenging building projects around the world.

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