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Supporting delivery of safe water across Northern Ireland

Aerial view of water treatment plant in Northern Ireland

Tetra Tech is helping advance efficient and effective water infrastructure projects benefiting hundreds of thousands of households in Northern Ireland.


Northern Ireland’s water network systems and infrastructure are critical to deliver safe and high-quality drinking water to homes and communities. However, they are under increasing pressure due to pollution, flooding, population growth, and the impacts of climate change on the environment.

Tetra Tech supports Northern Ireland (NI) Water—the country’s sole provider of water and sewerage services—to maintain high standards for drinking water safety and quality and address critical water treatment infrastructure issues. This includes improving water quality, minimizing service disruptions to customers, and enhancing overall system resilience.


Leveraging our Leading with Science® approach, we are delivering data-driven upgrades and innovative operational solutions to optimize NI Water’s treatment processes. We work on the water treatment base maintenance projects, providing project management and technical services to NI Water to maintain optimal functionality, prevent breakdowns, and extend the lifespan of essential facilities.

We also are supporting our client to be more sustainable by overseeing the installation of the state-of-the-art environmentally efficient equipment within the water treatment works, helping NI Water to reduce their environmental impact on communities, business, and residential areas.


  • 18 water treatment works improved
  • Supporting NI Water in the delivery of safe water to 840,000 households
  • £8 m of annual project investment managed

Tetra Tech have played an integral part in delivering clean water base maintenance projects for NI Water since 2018 under our PC15 business plan. We look forward to continuing to work with Tetra Tech in the current PC21 business plan as part of our wider supply chain.

Zama Dilworth, Capital Project Manager, Northern Ireland Water

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