Her Majesty’s Naval Base Clyde – Asset Management System Maturity Review

Tetra Tech reviewed the maturity of Her Majesty’s Naval Base (HMNB) Clyde’s current asset management system against the requirements of all 39 areas of the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) Anatomy model.

Effective asset management balances cost, risk, and performance of an asset base to ensure delivery of the client’s strategic objectives. To effectively manage their wide-ranging assets, the UK defence sector adopted an asset management-based solution strategy. To support HMNB Clyde’s asset management development program, Tetra Tech’s IAM-endorsed assessor team provided enabling services, undertook the initial maturity assessment of their asset management system, and provided a roadmap for development and improvement.

We completed eight workshops and numerous interviews involving approximately 30 client staff reviewed more than 70 pieces of document evidence relating to policies, strategies, standards, processes, and outputs; and five supporting systems, all within two months. Additional services for the review included:

  • Review of third party delivered buildings, infrastructure, and equipment contracts
  • Assessment of related processes, procedures, and arrangements
  • Site attendance to conduct the review and audit
  • Suitably qualified and experienced resources who could deliver IAM endorsed auditing and review
  • Line of sight testing between policy and activity to establish whether asset management practices and processes are truly embedded in the business
  • A report showing current maturity and forecast maturity for any current asset management capability development activities and plans

A key to gaining the required level of information for successful delivery was achieving good collaboration and buy-in from all stakeholders. We achieved this by providing pre-assessment communications to make the stakeholders aware of the assessment process, the information we were seeking, and their valued role. We also presented a detailed activity program showing how this would inform the audit program and deliverables.

Using the IAM’s SAP+ software, the audit team was able to discuss and record the audit findings and score HMNB Clyde’s maturity over the 39 subject areas. Further audit team workshops reviewed outcomes and developed a recommendations roadmap for HMNB Clyde to consider.

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Strategic Asset and Facilities Management

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