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Tetra Tech and RETAS: Supporting Skilled Workers in the Community and Beyond

An office space with a Tetra Tech podium and a screen displaying the RETAS charity organisation logo.

In May we hosted a community business breakfast as part of the UKREiiF fringe programme, where we shared insights on supporting and empowering skilled refugee workers from charity organisation RETAS.

Tetra Tech hosted charity organisation RETAS (Refugee Education Training Advice Service) at our Leeds headquarters for a community business breakfast presentation, helping to raise awareness about the vital work they do in delivering comprehensive services and education to assist refugees, asylum seekers and vulnerable migrants.

It also highlighted the social, community, and business benefits of making people feel welcomed and fully supported to integrate into society.


Since 2002, RETAS has championed the social, cultural, and economic integration of refugees and asylum seekers in West Yorkshire and beyond. They provide support and assistance in the following areas:

  • Job searches, CV writing help, and interview preparation
  • Language classes and pre-entry level qualifications
  • Welfare and finance support
  • University applications
  • Wellbeing support
  • Housing support

70% of the organisation have lived experience of migration, and they have over 40 passionate volunteers, most of whom are from a refugee background.

Lived experience insights

During the event, Ahmed, a volunteer at RETAS, spoke openly about his own experience of arriving in the UK as a well educated and highly qualified professional. He shared his insights on integrating into the UK, having left his country of birth due to safety concerns.

He discussed navigating obstacles while finding accommodation, finding a school for his children, and applying for benefits. In an inspiring discussion, Ahmed spoke about the benefits of supporting skilled individuals looking to contribute to their new communities, and how this can expand into the wider business network countrywide.

Recruiting skilled refugees

Operating predominantly in West Yorkshire, but with the reach and resources of a nationwide business support system, RETAS CEO Roger Nyantou, elaborated on the organisation’s contributions to the community and wider business network, including:

  • Supporting over 10,000 people with advice and guidance
  • Helping 76% of applicants gain University places
  • Helping 70% of clients gain housing

Regarding the event, Lorna Gray, RETAS Fund Raising Manager, said:

“A huge thank you to Tetra Tech for the opportunity to present our services to a wider audience. Despite the early wake up call, the turnout was better than expected and the reception of attendees was extremely positive. I already have a list of people to contact who wanted to know more about RETAS and how they can support the employment of refugees, which was our exact aim! Thank you once again for your hard work and dedication on this project, we can’t wait to work in partnership in the future.”

Gurpreet Singh Bansal, Tetra Tech Associate Director and Racial Equality Group Lead, said:

“Equality and inclusivity are key pillars of our mission to improve lives. No one should be excluded because of their economic, social, or geographical background. We are proud to support RETAS in a shared vision of a community that empowers people who make radical changes in their lives feel welcomed in a new community, while integrating themselves into a wider national network of skilled individuals.”

We look forward to continuing to support RETAS in the future, helping people looking to integrate into the UK find the right jobs, the right information, and the right community support.

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