Transport Planning

Tetra Tech provides transport planning, traffic management, and road safety services to private and public construction and property industries.

Our transport planners take developments from initial assessment to implementation through all modes of transport. We provide public and private clients with effective solutions for the issues of today and tomorrow. Equipped with the skills and in-depth knowledge to support change to travel choice and behaviours, we tackle commercial challenges to unlock development potential.

Our sevices include:

Public Realm & Placemaking

We recognise the need to balance vehicular and pedestrian accessibility in our public places. We aim to create safe and accessible environments that improve quality of life and provide an identifiable sense of place, covering everything from public transport interchanges to town centre regenerations and streetscapes.

Sustainable Travel

As society meets road congestion and air quality challenges, government bodies and private businesses seek to improve sustainable travel via integrated planning, infrastructure improvements, and travel awareness. We maximise sustainable options and balance people’s travel requirements alongside reducing environmental impact.

Transport Assessment

Safe and efficient movement of vehicles and people is the foundation of successful developments. We manage access during construction, design layouts that ease operational activities after project completion, and plan movement of abnormal loads around road networks.

Transport Modelling

Our transport model mathematically evaluate existing conditions and project future needs and impacts. Models can be as simple as a diagram of predicted traffic flows but often use specialised computer programs (including SATURN, VISUM, DIADEM, Paramics, AIMSUN, and VISSIM) to assess large geographic areas, complex interactions, or demand responses.

  • Single & multi-junction modelling
  • Spreadsheet-based assessment
  • Microsimulation
  • Area-wide highway & PT assignment
  • Multi-modal/variable demand models.
Public Transport

Millions of commuters, families, and tourist rely on public transport, making it an essential part of a city’s structure. Our experts help connect people with places through integrated services.

  • Ticketing – innovative solutions to increase sales & improve efficiency
    interchanges & rail integration.
  • Modelling – providing demand forecasting models (VISUM and TRIPS) & analysing public transport accessibility (using VISUM, Accession, and GIS).
  • Network management & scheduling – from demand assessments to service implementation & beyond.
  • Public transport studies – designing physical measures to prioritise bus movements & reduce journey times.
Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

Our public transport experts design, install, and operate intelligent transport systems that allow passengers to better plan for and enjoy more efficient transport journeys.

  • Real-time passenger information & fleet management systems – from feasibility to stakeholder engagement & project management, we address contractual, financial, administrative & operational issues to implement a system that works for you
  • SMART ticketing – expertly designed, implemented & communicated schemes that make life easier & cheaper for passengers
  • Bus lane camera enforcement – ensuring contraventions of regulations are dealt with effectively & efficiently
  • Traffic signal management using SCOOT, MOVA, & UTC software
Planning Consent, Appeals & Expert Witness

We support planning applications by identifying appropriate access, sustainable transport connections, residual traffic impacts, and mitigation requirements on highways. Our services align with the Government’s National Planning Policy Framework, addressing all transport aspects from initial assessment to presenting evidence at public inquiry and subsequent project implementation.

  • Transport assessments & statements
  • Highway design
  • Traffic modelling & travel plans.
Transport Policy Advice and Compliance

We provide expertise to develop policy, forecast impacts, identify solutions, monitor outcomes, and deliver Local Authority projects. Local Authority transport departments employ our experts as seconded staff to work directly with their teams advising on key projects and programmes.

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