Environmental Due Diligence

Tetra Tech’s Environmental Due Diligence experts provide companies and investors with commercially reliable solutions to mitigate risks involving finance, reputation, and reduced asset value.

With every investment, it is critical to quickly identify risks and opportunities. At Tetra Tech, we help businesses identify environmental and engineering opportunities, manage liabilities, and improve investment performance.

As an award-winning and approved framework supplier, we advise numerous private and public agencies, global multilateral funders, and private equity funds on environmental and climate change issues for land and corporate transactions around the world.

We help create climate-resilient investments that account for resource security (energy and water), potential flood damage, and reputational risks to building resilient infrastructure. By partnering with in-house asset and facilities management specialists and engineers, we translate technical and complex concepts into clear commercial terms that help realistically assess impact on CAPEX and operational costs.

We also provide post-transaction services ranging from input to the 100-day plan, to liability reduction and supporting business integration.

Our social economic advisory team monitors, evaluates, and benchmarks Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and sustainability performance post transaction.

Take a look at our Environmental Due Diligence Infographic

Our services include:

  • Expert Witness Pollution Response & Management
  • Environmental red flag reporting
  • M&A & operational Phase 1 EDD/EHS due diligence assessments
  • Corporate site audits (EHS transaction & full compliance)
  • Vendor support:
    • EHS data evaluation & gap analysis
    • EHS data room preparation
  • Peer review
  • Independent Environmental Social Governance (ESG) assurance & benchmarking
  • Environmental & sustainability development
  • Post-merger EHS & CSR integration
  • Technical property due diligence
  • Site closure planning – Identify environmental liabilities, manage business risks & gain opportunities to add value before closure.
  • Asset evaluation – demolition, decontamination, & decommissioning assessments and costing

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