Tetra Tech took 65 early careers professionals for a day of interactive team building activities to hone their leadership and problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way.

It’s never too early to nurture the essential skills needed for ambitious people at the beginning of their careers looking to succeed in their future goals. For the members of Tetra Tech’s early careers scheme, these skills continued to be developed through a series of fun, challenging, and interactive exercises at Dearne Valley Inspiring Learning Centre.

Our cohort graduates and apprentices met up with early careers professionals from across our UK and Ireland offices. It was an opportunity to have fun and socialise, while honing their leadership and collaboration skills to overcome challenges.

Looking back on the event, Gilly Brown, Learning & Development Business Partner who leads the Early Careers scheme commented on the day, stating:

“Engaging in fun team building activities like archery and raft building helped to keep things challenging, in a fun and enjoyable way. A bit of friendly competition and collaboration really brought out in the best in everyone who attended. It was obvious that the team were closer, more engaged with one another, and inspired!”

Long term investment in others, and nurturing their abilities is the key to inspiring confidence, creative problem solving, and someday, a new wave of thought leaders ready to take us into a new world of ideas to resolve future issues.

Learn more about our early careers programme, including when our apprenticeship and graduate vacancies are open.

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