WYG rebrands as Tetra Tech

WYG, a Tetra Tech Company, has adopted the name of its parent company, Tetra Tech (11 January 2021). WYG has worked closely with Tetra Tech since joining the company in 2019, providing exemplary services to clients throughout the United Kingdom (UK) and leveraging Tetra Tech’s Leading with Science® approach. Moving to the Tetra Tech brand is the next step in recognising the strength of our over-2,000 staff in the UK region, supported by Tetra Tech’s 20,000 employees who provide high-end consulting and engineering with a shared expertise in defence, planning, water, infrastructure, and environment services.

Managing Director for the Great Britain Region, Craig Hatch, commented: “Adopting the Tetra Tech brand is a natural progression for our business. We have come to see just how complementary our values and approaches are with Tetra Tech. Like WYG, Tetra Tech is a relationship-focused business that puts clients at the heart of everything they do, so becoming Tetra Tech in name and brand makes perfect sense.”

Tetra Tech CEO Dan Batrack said: “Tetra Tech’s Leading with Science® approach distinguishes our business from our peers. The WYG operations have been a great addition to Tetra Tech’s global business and we look forward to further recognising this strong partnership with their adoption of the Tetra Tech name. We will continue to provide technical excellence and best in-class service for our clients throughout the UK in 2021 and beyond.”

Change of Name Certificates for our trading companies can be found in the links below.

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