The next generation of leaders in STEM: Engineers Week 2024

Organisations can say they want to inspire a new generation of innovators to explore a future in the world of STEM, but how do you go about actually doing it?

Tetra Tech sponsored Engineers Ireland Northern Region and helped to inspire young minds for Engineers Week 2024.

The Tetra Tech team in Belfast were able to bring all the inspiration and real-life elements of STEM projects through education, participation, and advanced technologies showcasing all the latest innovations.

The week began on Monday, 8 March, with a visit to Derry, followed by journeys to Co. Tyrone and Belfast before finishing on Friday 12 March in Mourne.

Young potential aspiring engineers across the week learned about how integral science and engineering are to the world through various experiences, including:

  • Building 3m high 13m span cable stayed bridges
  • Visiting an actual construction site of a new school build
  • Using VR technology to learn about the construction industry
  • Learning about 3D modelling for structure plans using magnetic mola kits
  • Lego Getech education and Kainos Robotics exercises
  • Experiencing a walking tour of a flood alleviation plan
  • Conducting survey-based activities
  • Building spaghetti towers

Laura Duggan, Associate Director of Structural Engineering, and a key part of organising the week, reflected on the success by saying:

“History reminds us that teachers alone cannot reveal the allure of a career in STEM or construction to young minds. It is incumbent upon us professionals to actively engage, inspire and forge connections with the next generation. The reward of setting up a new initiative to connect directly with young people, which will hopefully run for many years to come, is immense.”

Hundreds of young aspiring engineers between the ages of 7-14 participates over the five days (including over 250 on the final day) had connected with engineers, developed a better understanding of engineering, and realised what a future in STEM can offer them in the future.

The ability to take globally celebrated technologies that shape the modern world, and use them to inspire young minds through human, face to face interaction within local communities, is the true meaning of innovation.

A huge thank you and congratulations to all our team members who made this possible. You’ve all turned this weeklong initiative into a lifelong memory in the imaginations of these young people.

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