Tetra Tech Welcomes Newest Cohort of Graduates and Apprentices

On September 10, 2023, Tetra Tech welcomed our latest cohort of graduates and apprentices at our central Leeds office.

Our 2023 graduates and apprentices represent the new generation of professionals in our industry. Embarking on their careers with fresh perspectives and knowledge acquired from their educational experiences, they are keen to make their mark on Tetra Tech and their industry as a whole. While they may have only recently joined our organisation, their dedication and enthusiasm is already apparent.

Envisioning the impact they will have on their respective industries; our ambitious early careers talent aim to create a lasting effect:

Elmira Sakari, Graduate Project Manager

“Every project I manage is not only an opportunity to construct a more sustainable future, but also an opportunity to represent female professionals in the engineering field. Breaking barriers and building a greener, more inclusive future, one project at a time.”

Aman Khandelwal, Graduate Flood Risk Engineer

“I envision my contribution to the industry as providing innovative solutions for flood risk mitigation. I want to collaborate with my colleagues and industry experts to develop sustainable and resilient flood management strategies. Ultimately, I hope to make a meaningful impact by helping communities better prepare for and respond to flooding events, reducing the associated risks and improving overall resilience.”

Jonathan Tusiime, Graduate Transport Planner

“As a transport planner, my ambitions are firmly rooted in working on vast projects encompassing sustainable transport through designing, planning, and integrating initiatives that prioritise environmentally friendly and easily accessible commuting options such as walking, cycling, and public transportation. The ultimate goal is to enhance the quality of life in communities and shape future cities into becoming more active, healthier, and interconnected.”

Talhah Raja, Apprentice Civil Engineer

“My ambition is to be a successful engineer fully embracing the Leading with Science® mantra. Further, to represent Muslim engineers in my industry and in the future, to open pathways for many Muslims across the globe in order to access the keys to the endless opportunities in Engineering.”

Our graduate vacancies for 2024 are still open. Interested in joining us? Have a look: Tetra Tech Europe Careers – Jobs (selectminds.com)

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