Tetra Tech volunteers supporting events at Invictus UK Trials Sheffield 2019

We’re gearing up for the Invictus UK Trials happening in Sheffield on 22-26th July, and we’re not doing it alone! We are assembling a passionate crew of volunteers here at Tetra Tech who will engage with Team UK competitors and their families by helping in the archery events and sitting volleyball finals.

Our team is delighted to support competitors on their journey to the Invictus UK Trials Sheffield 2019, where the power of sport inspires and supports wounded, injured and sick veterans and service personnel in their recovery from life-changing mental and or physical injury. Behind every Team UK competitor, friends and family play an important role in their recovery, working together to find ways to overcome adversity and helping to build resilience.

The Invictus UK Trials are a manifestation of this road to recovery, providing almost 500 competitors with opportunities to engage in nine sports, from athletics and cycling to powerlifting and wheelchair rugby. In supporting the archery and sitting volleyball events, our team of 15 will join a total of 200 volunteers who are helping out across all sports at the trials.

That same week, our volunteers will join a Career Transition Partnership Job Fair to speak to veterans currently on their rehabilitation journey about employment opportunities at Tetra Tech. Douglas McCormick, CEO, will also hold a talk at the MOD’s Employment Forum on 23rd July to highlight our role in promoting careers for veterans.

The Forum will investigate how the UK can better employ and utilise the skills of those who leave the Armed Forces and who are in the Reserves. There are approximately 15,000 people a year that leave the Armed Services and 33,000 Reservists with a big spectrum of skills, knowledge, and experience to offer employers across the country.

We place the utmost value on continuing our long tradition of supporting the UK armed forces, having employed many ex-military and reservists within our ranks. In 2018, Tetra Tech became a MOD Gold holder of the Defence Employer Recognition Scheme.

But it’s not just about supporting the military community; getting involved with Invictus UK is a commitment to doing more to enable people to overcome adversity and deal with life-challenging issues.

The final UK team for the Invictus Games The Hague 2020 will be announced in October

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