Tetra Tech supports multimodal transport interchange in Whittlesford

Our transport experts are working with the Greater Cambridge Partnership (GCP) to transform Whittlesford Parkway Station into a world-class multimodal transport interchange.

Eight miles south of Cambridge, the Parkway forms part of the GCP’s Rural Travel Hub initiative, which seeks to connect residents in South Cambridgeshire with public transport interchanges and reduce reliance on cars.

To enhance the Parkway’s support for sustainable growth in the area, our team will develop a masterplan identifying transport interventions that will improve both capacity and connectivity via all travel modes. This includes reviews of existing transport policy, perceptions of local stakeholders, and indicative design proposals for the new interchange.

As trains continue to grow as the commuting method of choice, this project will provide more sustainable and attractive alternatives to cars. This will be done by encouraging healthy and active travel, and implementing excellent transport links between new and existing communities.

Ben King, Project Manager at Tetra Tech, said: “Our work at Whittlesford Parkway will enable it to support local housing growth, facilitate employment at world-renowned business campuses, and cater to increasing rail-based travel demand into both Cambridge and London. We expect this to greatly benefit both residents and the Greater Cambridge economy.”

An online survey on Whittlesford Parkway is currently available for commuters and local residents to complete.

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