Tetra Tech offering virtual public consultation service

Tetra Tech now offers a virtual public consultation service to provide organisations with tailored virtual spaces in which to present information in an immersive and realistic format.

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As businesses continue operating under the complex challenges of COVID-19 and its aftermath, this tool allows them to efficiently and cost-effectively hold public consultations online in virtual spaces to avoid interruptions to projects. Many will likely feel reluctant to attend public consultation events in person even after they resume under continued social distancing measures, making this tool especially useful for a wide range of personal and interactive engagement.

Putting The ‘Real’ Factor In Virtual Events

We can create fully navigable 3D spaces suited to your organisation’s corporate identity or project setting. These can link to live webinar events, include live message chat and video call back facilities, and allow visitors to communicate with consultants to gain a full understanding of proposals. Whether participants share comments, ask questions, review documents, or interact with visualisations, the platform can provide the interaction one would expect from a real event.

Our service offers augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) options. We can also help produce event content and either host the presentations on our servers or give you the files to host directly.

By visiting and capturing physical spaces with 360 cameras, we can even create virtual representations of your desired venues. We can set up virtual events that follow real-life consultation, extending the reach of your consultation exercise.

Key Features:

  • Immersive navigable 3D space which gives a greater sense of engagement.
  • Provision of layout, style & branding tailored to suite your project
  • Live chat (with chat transcripts) or scheduled call back facilities
  • Live presentation events with Q&A facilities in webinar format
  • Feedback forms automatically collate responses
  • Presentation video hosting including playback of events
  • Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) options
  • Virtual site tours
  • Analytics measure website traffic to provide data on visitor numbers
  • Offline version available for hosting on your internal network
  • FULLY HOSTED – For you to link to, or embed into your own website
  • Production of all graphic content

If you have a feature requirement not listed above, please get in touch by accessing our contact form. Our very talented team has the ingenuity and adaptability to create solutions that will match your needs.

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