Tetra Tech now offering in-house Bat Mitigation service

We are pleased to announce that Tetra Tech now offers an in-house Bat Mitigation service to provide clients with a simpler and faster licensing route for low-impact developments.

We also offer ‘advanced license’ survey techniques like harp trapping and mist netting to satisfy consultee requirements on more complex sites.

Only around 180 consultants in England currently hold the Bat Mitigation Class License.

Laura Holmes, Principal Ecologist at Tetra Tech, said: “We can now progress qualifying sites under the new Bat Mitigation License scheme, which is significantly cheaper and more efficient than the standard licensing approach, enabling low conservation-status roosts of common species to progress more quickly, saving both time and money for our clients.”

Additionally, we deliver advanced survey methods, which are increasingly required for difficult-to-survey/separate or sensitive bat species. These methods can identify bat assemblages in habitats that are difficult to survey, such as woodlands, providing a better understanding of potential impact from development.

Advanced survey techniques also allow for the breeding status of bats to be determined, a detail costly to establish through standard survey techniques. We can also trap bats and conduct radio-tracking for surveys requiring detailed information of how bats use habitats or features within the landscape. Given the techniques’ intrusiveness, they are only used where necessary.

Marc Davies, Managing Director of Environment at Tetra Tech, said: “We are thrilled to see our ecology team expand their skillset. These skills together with our wider suite of expert services like aerial inspections, excellent client liaison, and UK-wide coverage enable Tetra Tech to offer a comprehensive service to our clients.”

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