Tetra Tech is Going to APM Women in Project Management (WiPM) 2023

Tetra Tech will be returning to exhibit at this years’ Women in Project Management (WiPM) Conference taking place at etc.venues in London on 21, September.

This years’ event will be focused on ‘Pathways to Progression’ with various speakers from Project Management and beyond sharing their perspective on the topic through their stories, insights and career advice.

Joining this years’ conversation will be Tetra Tech’s cohort of expert Project Managers covering an array of knowledge and expertise from a range of sectors.

Leading with Science® at WiPM 2023 are:

Laura Jackson Pugh, Head of Project Management Profession & Director of Nuclear Projects

Laura is Chartered Project Manager and experienced Architectural Graduate with 19 years’ experience delivering project and design resolutions across the industry. During her ten years at Tetra Tech, she has worked in collaboration with SL, Magnox and Dounreay and is the lead PM establishing and delivering key opportunities through the DDP framework at Sellafield.

“Inspiring women and empowering them to use their innovative selves creates real diversity of thought in the workplace. I’m an avid supporter of the amazing women in my team and wider Tetra Tech, to support and help to break the stereotypes we face. Moving into a new role this year as Head of Project Management Profession and attending this year’s WiPM event is a great opportunity to meet inspirational women and men within the industry whilst showcasing Tetra Tech as an inclusive and diverse employer with a wide range of capabilities.”

Hannah Taylor-Hemmingway, Director – Project Management

Hannah is a Director in the Project Management Team at Tetra Tech where she leads the team in Leeds and Newcastle.  Her role focusses on supporting the delivery of major infrastructure projects, mainly in Defence, to make sure that our teams have the right people, processes and systems in place for successful delivery.  Hannah is also the lead for the Gender Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) group at Tetra Tech and is part of the DEI Council.

“At WiPM I am hoping to learn how to continue developing myself to meet challenges and reach my full potential.  I also want to understand how I can better support my colleagues as they navigate their own pathways to progression”.

Zoe Moreland, Principal Project Manager

Zoe is an NEC and APM certified Principal Project Manager for Tetra Tech managing several Nuclear projects.

“I’m excited to attend this year’s WiPM event, where I hope to learn from some inspirational leaders. These insights will undoubtedly help me to chart the course of my career’s evolution, transitioning from its current phase to the next. With this knowledge, I look forward to facilitating my team and mentees successful navigation through their own respective career paths.”

Michael Haisell, Principal Project Manager

Situated in the London office, Michael primarily specialises in the Government Services and Residential Sectors overseeing a diverse team of professionals from various fields to deliver project solutions to clients.

“I am excited to celebrate the fantastic female individuals we have working within our industry and within Project Management and I look to come away with some valuable knowledge from the APM’s led activities and keynote speakers.”

Emily Sulivan, Project Manager

Since last year’s APM WiPM event, Emily has taken on multiple projects at different stages in the Project Lifecycle within the Defence Sector. Emily has also been working with internal groups focusing on Learning & Development, TetrAbility (Tetra Tech’s disability focused Employee Resource Group) as well as Talent Acquisition to develop progressive strategy.

“I am really looking forward to attending APM WiPM again as it was my favourite event last year. I am particularly looking forward to the Keynote Opening Speech ‘It’s your life, your career – tips and tricks for owning it and joining in at some of the topic tables available”.

Klementya Netrowska, Graduate Project Manager

Klem is a graduate project manager, assisting in project planning, coordination, and execution. Additionally, she also works with internal groups; co -leading the TetrAbility Community Building working group (Tts disability-focused Employee Resource Group), supporting the Gender DEI group, participating Learning & Development working group and Tetra Tech’s AI working group.

“I am attending this year’s WiPM event to gain valuable insights, network with industry leaders, and contribute to fostering diversity and inclusivity within project management, supporting a brighter future for women in the industry.”

Joe Tinsley, Apprentice Project Manager

Joe holds the role of an Apprentice Project Manager at Tetra Tech, where he provides support to senior project managers by assisting with a broad spectrum of tasks spanning multiple projects within the Nuclear Sector.

“I am participating in this year’s WiPM event to gain insights on ways to advocate for and advance gender diversity in both ongoing and forthcoming projects within the nuclear sector.”

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