Tetra Tech in Leicester: Celebrating 25 Years of Innovation

Tetra Tech is passionate about delivering successful community projects backed by a global support network of specialists. Having been part of Leicester’s community for 25 years now, long-time colleagues Pravin Godhania and Richard Brown reflect on some of the successful projects they’ve worked on, and what the future holds for Tetra Tech in Leicester.

What are your first memories of being there at the beginning 25 years ago?

Richard: Arriving at the Rutland Street office as the new Senior Engineer, my first role in the consulting industry, and being the second recruit to arrive following the acquisition of the Leicester branch of Peter Fraenkel & Partners – making a total of six people in the office.

Pravin: I recall arriving at an extremely old office and interviewing for a Transport Planner position. The building resembled an escape room with paper files and rolled up plans on every workspace. I can remember thinking ‘this isn’t for me!’ But, after meeting the team and hearing what they did, I knew there was so much experience and knowledge there to learn from.

Have you worked on some iconic projects in the area?

Richard: We’ve worked on some of the key projects that make up the Leicester community, like the Leicester Haymarket Bus Station, the Pork Pie Roundabout, Hobby Horse Roundabout, Jubilee Square, and Magazine Gateway for De Montfort University. Slightly further afield, we’ve also delivered a new railway station in Corby, the A453 dualling between the M1 and Nottingham and A52 Junction improvements around Nottingham.

Pravin: I have been fortunate to have worked on numerous amazing projects, local and beyond. The most memorable projects are A45/A46 Tollbar End Improvement in Coventry, RAF Mildenhall, Samtskhe – Javakheti Road Rehabilitation Project (Georgia) and Nairobi’s Urban Traffic Control system.

What projects in the community are you most proud of?

Richard: For me, it’s Leicester Haymarket Bus Station, the A453, and Corby Railway Station – all of these have been delivered successfully, have pushed the boundaries of technology, and have had a huge impact on local communities.

Pravin: Again, there are so many! I have been on a long-term secondment with Leicester City Council supporting them with the delivery of a programme to help improve the city centre in terms of public realm, accessibility, and sustainability. These improvements are following the discovery of King Richard III’s remains in a local car park. The improvements have seen a dramatic transformation of the city centre, resulting in economic growth and increased visitor footfall.

What changes have you seen in the community over the years?

Richard: I’ve seen massive change to the infrastructure of the city centre driven by the mayor, the growth of our business (currently at 80 people covering a much wider range of disciplines), and two office moves. Our current office is at the heart of Leicester’s business community and has been developed to facilitate flexible working requirements which followed the Covid 19 pandemic.  We have even seen Leicester City winning the Premiership title!

Pravin: The local community has changed and evolved significantly in recent years. From being a relatively ‘steady’ city centre, it has now become a busy city centre with something happening throughout the day for all cultures, ages, and most importantly, for people with mobility or learning difficulties.

What’s the most rewarding part of being in the same community for this long?

Richard: For me, it’s about the people I have worked with. Many have been with us long-term. Some leave and then return, but many have become firm friends, not just colleagues. We have grown together to serve the community in which we live and work, as well as delivering projects nationwide.

Pravin: The great thing about being on the same path for so long is that you see a journey through. Quite often in our world we work on concepts and feasibility studies which can take several years to materialise. Being part of the same community and group of people for so long, you get to see those aspirations become reality, and experience each piece of the puzzle coming together.

What are you looking forward to in the future/any upcoming projects you’re excited for? 

Richard: Continuing to develop our offering to the local community, developing our range of services offered locally, and growing the business significantly over the next 5-10 years. Since becoming part of Tetra Tech in 2019, we have seen the business take the next step of growth and gives us a global network of colleagues who can provide the support, stability, and focus we needed to achieve our goals.

We are marking our 25th year of business here in Leicester with a celebration of our people and the work we have done in the local area and further afield.  It will be a time to reflect on how far we’ve come, celebrate successes within the community, and share memories of the last 25 years.

Pravin: There are a lot of exciting projects in the pipeline for Leicester and we hope to be part of these. We’ve been a part of this fantastic city for so long now, and we’re proud to have helped shape what it has become today. I am hopeful that Tetra Tech will have some big future announcements regarding our participation in those.

What’s your favourite thing about working at Tetra Tech?

Richard: It’s all about the people. Not everyone gets the opportunity to serve in one organisation for 25 years these days. It has been an honour and privilege to work with people who are so highly motivated and skilled at what they do.

The takeover by Tetra Tech, one of the most successful consulting organisations in the world, has brought a new dimension to the way we deliver these services. We have always been focussed on serving our local clients, but Tetra Tech has given us a much wider reach – opening new international markets and bringing cutting-edge technologies which have enhanced our offering to existing and new clients.

Pravin: I get a real buzz about the ‘next project’. You never know what scheme or project you will be working on next, and with our diverse client base, we get involved in some amazing schemes and projects.

And it is not always about the large, funded projects – sometimes delivering a small local project can be very satisfying, knowing that you have made a difference that will help people for years to come. The whole process is made more enjoyable knowing that you work with a team that has the skills and experience to support a client from concept through to delivery, and occasionally operation.

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