Tetra Tech helps Sheffield City Council assess energy efficiency

Our Surveying & Asset Management team at Tetra Tech is drawing on its technical expertise to help Sheffield City Council (SCC) assess the energy efficiency of over 600 public buildings in the region.

Through providing Display Energy Certificates (DECs), our experts will record the real energy usage of everything from schools and libraries to community centres. Much like the energy labels seen on cars and electrical appliances like fridges, DECs are designed to increase transparency for the general public about the actual energy efficiency of the places they step foot in, with a scale rating efficiency from A to G.

The two-year contract, with a potential extension for up to an additional 3 years, builds on the DEC work we’ve already supplied to the Council on a wide range of both new and old buildings that must adapt to modern-day energy standards, including the Moorfoot Building which houses the Council’s office and schools that date all the way back to the 1960s.

Just this year alone, over 200 buildings in the region have received DECs. Each building over 1,000 square metres must have its DEC renewed every year, accounting for factors like heating, electricity and gas readings.

The commission was competitively tendered by Sheffield City Council through the YORconsult2 Regional Framework. Sheffield City Council is a contracting authority for the YORconsult2 and YORcivil2 Frameworks. The contract is based on the NEC3 PSC Option G.

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