Tetra Tech gains planning approval for low-carbon energy plants

As the UK works towards cutting its carbon footprint and balancing the energy grid, our Tetra Tech teams are working hard nationwide to support the initiative. To further those efforts, we have just secured planning permission on behalf of Balance Power for five reserved energy plants across the UK.

Reserve power peaking plants, a form of low-carbon development, enable use of renewable technologies by supporting the local electricity network at peak times, or at times of insufficient supply. This allows for larger volumes of renewable energy generation for the network.

The plants we secured approval for include four gas-powered facilities, and a battery storage facility in Cumbria and Rochdale. The universal success of these projects legitimates the technical services, led by our planners and supported by Space + Architects.

Several of our other teams lent support, including project management, geo-environmental, transport, archaeology, ecology, landscape, and air & noise quality. We look forward to dedicating our multidisciplinary teams to similar projects across the UK.

All the sites are designed specifically to be built and operational within 12-to-18-month period. Flexible energy generation assets like these plants play a vital role in helping National Grid balance demand in real-time, due to the otherwise limited ability to store electricity.

Peter Shannon, Associate Director at Tetra Tech, commented on the development: “We are incredibly pleased about the 100-percent success rate for all the sites. It’s a huge testament to the experience and multidisciplinary approach of our teams who worked closely with Balance Power and the development team to ensure a robust policy approach followed.”

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