Tetra Tech Celebrating Pride in the UK

Tetra Tech is a proud ally of the LGBTQIA+ community. We change our logo to the rainbow flag in June, host awareness sessions for staff and share messages of positivity on our social media channels as well as running a number of other initiatives organised via our dedicated Employee Resource Group.

This year we have also been lucky enough to be involved in Pride events up and down the country celebrating and supporting the LGBTQIA+ community and its allies.

In June we joined Salford Pride as a member of Building Equality. The event welcomed over 7,000 attendees including Chris Bradshaw from our Manchester Planning team who spent day there with the Building Equality team providing support and enjoying the great atmosphere.  Chris said of the event “It was more chilled and family oriented than some of the larger pride events. Lots of people came to the stall to ask about who we are and what we do and generally praised our efforts.”

In July all the Tetra Tech companies in the UK marched, at London Pride for the first time.  The mile long walk from Marble Arch to Trafalgar Square took a few hours to complete as music, cheering and positive vibes radiated from the crowd who had gathered from far and wide.  We had 45 people from Tetra Tech companies including Chris, our LGBTQIA+ group lead and Nathan Holloway, Managing Director of Asset Management who also brought along his children to represent the next generation of pride supporters and allies! The group was also joined by a special guest, Warren McGrath who leads the global Tetra Pride network and came all the way from Australia with his partner to join in.

Through Chris’s representation at Building Equality, we were at Sparkle Pride this year run by Sparkle who is a national transgender charity promoting positivity towards the Trans community. Over the course of the weekend Chris, was on hand to speak to people about Building Equality’s aims and mission, with several of them saying they had previously worked in the engineering and construction industry but left for a variety of reasons, including prejudice. They were pleased that companies like ours are attending these events, that a collaborative group like Building Equality even exists and as a result of those things, that positive changes are happening.

We want everybody feel welcome at Tetra Tech – because everybody is welcome! We are working hard to be a business where people can not only be themselves but can celebrate who they are and what they bring to our organisation.


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