Tetra Tech Celebrates Pride Month 2024

June marks the beginning of Pride, and Tetra Tech stands in solidarity with our LGBTQIA+ colleagues to celebrate individuality, diversity, and equality.

Over the years, Tetra Tech and Tetra Tech companies have come together to show our continued support to the LGBTQIA+ community. And while it’s encouraging to see the progress we’ve all made, people are still experiencing prejudice in the world simply for being themselves.

That’s why in support of Pride Month, it’s so important for us to continue to fly the rainbow flag through changing our logos and email footers. This isn’t a performative measure – it’s a statement to our Tetra Tech family members that they are safe and welcome to be their authentic selves.

Previous years have seen us attend virtual Pride events during the pandemic as ‘Building Equality’ members and showing support by celebrating the Alternative Manchester Pride Festival alongside construction, engineering and built environment allies promoting inclusion.

Last year, we celebrated Pride across the country in areas like Salford, London Pride marches, and Sparkle Pride, run by national transgender charity organisation ‘Sparkle’.

For Pride Month 2024, we are continuing to explore ways to promote equality through a combination of public support and internal education and recruitment drives, including:

  • lunch and learn sessions on LGBTQIA+ History, Transgender Awareness, and Section 28
  • Reviewing our recruitment advertising to attract under-represented groups including introducing our diversity in recruitment pledge
  • Continuing to provide mentoring for under-represented groups

These initiatives, alongside the ones organised by our dedicated Employee Resource Group, ensure that we are driving forward with change and inclusivity practices that highlight our commitment to equality all year round.

Everyone is welcome at Tetra Tech. As an inclusive employer, we strive for a work culture where people feel empowered to be themselves, unapologetically.


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