Talking Town Planning – Are High Streets History?

What is the future of UK High Streets? In our next installment of Talking Town Planning, Tetra Tech’s planning experts will host an online seminar with Sainsbury’s Town Planning, Policy and Transport Manager Bruno Moore to discuss the retail and leisure landscape in a post-lockdown era. The session is open to the public and will be hosted over Microsoft Teams at 3pm on 27 May 2020.

Our team – featuring Planning Director Gary Morris and Principal Planner Rebecca Randall – will share their thoughts on the impact of the pandemic on the High Street, and what the future holds for retailining in an increasingly multi-channel world and for the food and beverage market as it seeks to meet the challenges of social distancing. 

Are High Streets doomed to failure or can they adapt to meet the challenges? Are out-of-town locations about to see a resurgence? Is internet shopping now so embedded in our way of life that we’ve reached the point of no return? The team will tackle all these questions and other topical matters in what promises to be a lively and exciting debate.

Check out our YouTube playlist on Talking Town Planning for all current and future episodes. 

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