Expert Interview – Project and Cost Management

Bruce Caldwell – How development management can save a scheme

What are the merits of development management when you already have technical experts?

Jamie Smith – Why security project management matters

All projects feature some form of security. Projects can be delivered faster, more efficiently and at a lower cost by considering the security requirements at the outset; this is what our specialist team of security project managers can drive from concept planning to delivery.

Neil Malcolm – Managing large and complex infrastructure programmes

What does it take to manage large and complex infrastructure programmes that span a multitude of interdependent infrastructure projects?

Jon Mainwaring – Cost consulting clients in the burgeoning Private Rented Sector

As the Private Rented Sector grows, cost consultancy plays a key part in ensuring favourable procurement and delivery costs for developers.

David Cox – Delivering better outcomes through Project Planning

What goes into Project Planning and how does it help create better delivery outcomes? Our Project Planning Director, David Cox, shares his perspective.

Filipe Passos – The role of risk management in projects and programmes

Risk Management devises strategies for reducing threats that might hinder successful project outcomes.

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