Sellafield Ltd extends Tetra Tech’s CITS Framework contract

Tetra Tech’s team continues to develop its long-standing collaboration with Sellafield Ltd. through our involvement on the Civil Inspection and Topographical Services (CITS) framework. The nuclear decommissioning Site License Company has extended our contract to deliver detailed inspection and reporting at its Sellafield site by another year.

As Tier 2 contractors, we have carried out inspections and management of the civil assets within the site and helped Sellafield Ltd. achieve its asset management objectives following the principles of ISO 55000. Over the last 14 years, we have undertaken detailed inspection and reporting on the condition of approximately 2,000 assets at Sellafield.,

The work has been led by our specialist project managers, building surveyors, civil and structural engineers, and geospatial surveyors. They have delivered a wide variety of projects, including an aerial survey, mapping all civil assets and terrain features in GIS, and invasive testing and analysis of a concrete stack. Alongside that work, we have also appointed Tier 3 contractors with specialist skillsets to support the framework.

Gareth Clarke, Director at Tetra Tech, commented on the contract extension: “We are very well positioned to continue delivering on Sellafield’s requirements, having developed an intimate understanding of the sites specific requirements and its assets over the years. Our team has committed itself to bringing the necessary manpower and innovative techniques to deliver savings and efficiency improvements to the site work.”

Craig Hatch, Managing Director at Tetra Tech, added: “We’re very honoured to see Sellafield Ltd. recognise our team’s unique industry-leading talent with this  contract extension. Our colleagues have regularly demonstrated their remarkable technical excellence and performance, and this is a great indicator of that.”

As part of our innovative techniques for spatial data collection and testing analysis, we have deployed Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to capture more comprehensive survey coverage at reduced cost and delivery time. These have presented the additional benefit of reaching previously inaccessible areas. This results in risk reduction due to increased knowledge of the asset, and in one case, the resulting information saved Sellafield Ltd. £750k.

Tetra Tech has asset management and engineering teams of nuclear professionals, based in Cockermouth and Chorley, dedicated to the collaboration with Sellafield Ltd.

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