Tetra Tech becomes SABRE Security Services licensed

Tetra Tech is now licensed to provide SABRE Security Services. In achieving this milestone, we are taking the next step in helping organisations fulfil their commitment to manage security risks.

SABRE (Security Assurance by BRE Group) is a security assessment and certification standard for buildings, infrastructure, and managed space. Developers, owners, occupiers, and planning authorities can use this to set high standards of security risk management for the design, construction, and operation of developments and facilities. Successful assessments result in a SABRE Rating demonstrating commitment to security, from ‘Acceptable’ (1 star) to ‘Outstanding’ (5 stars).

With the UK government now proposing to legally require that public spaces and large hospitality venues protect themselves against terrorist attacks, SABRE assessments provide a crucial role in helping businesses implement proportionate protective measures.

“The shocking acts of terrorism in the UK in 2017, and more recently at Fishmongers’ Hall and Streatham, are still fresh reminders of the need to better protect public spaces,” said John Howells, security consultant at Tetra Tech. “Being licensed means we can guide organisations through a systematic approach to improve design and construction quality, enhance marketability, increase operational effectiveness, promote value for money, and attract security-minded tenants and clients.”

Andrew Fotherby, Managing Director Defence, added: “As a SABRE Licensed Company, we are pleased to have registered assessors who can support clients through all stages of a development’s lifecycle. It’s an important way for us to help reduce security risks for asset owners, operators, and occupiers.”

In addition to the expertise of our SABRE Registered Assessors in security risk management and a range of development types, we can provide holistic solutions with further technical services to support the assessment process. These include threat and risk assessment, spatial layout design, blast and ballistic protection design, hostile vehicle design, and planning approval guidance.

SABRE certification also results in the award of an Innovation Credit for new construction projects working towards BREEAM UK New Construction 2018 approval.

Read more about our security services or contact us to see how we can assist you in achieving SABRE certification for your facility.

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