Enhancing the Government Property Agency’s portfolio management

The Government Property Agency (GPA) provides government departments and their arm’s-length bodies with a wide range of property and workplace solutions. From landlord to portfolio services, the GPA enables great workplaces for civil servants to deliver vital public services.

In support of this, Tetra Tech has collaborated with the GPA to programme manage fit out works for buildings like 10 South Colonnade, Canary Warf and Fleet Bank House. Alongside that, we designed a cost management toolkit to improve the Project Management Office’s decision making through greatly enhanced spending visibility.


 Juggling over 5,000 property-related projects since 2015, the GPA has grappled with immeasurable volumes of information. Projects range so greatly in their diversity of scope that they cover everything from office chair purchase orders to £10m renovation works.

In managing such scale, the GPA sought greater clarity on processes for workplace services delivery. how they managed projects, and how they communicated with other areas of the organisation, particularly in relation to cost allocation.

On a more micro level, more specific challenges have emerged for office buildings 10 South Colonnade and Fleet Bank House. These host important government departments from NHS Resolution, to Health and Safety Executive, and Genomics England. As departments vacate, the GPA needs to entice others to fill that void or else it incurs rental costs.


The first step to understanding the GPA’s need? Get rid of the noise. To nail down processes for managing their business, we hosted workshops with the PMO staff in London, then developing an intuitive live cost reporting tool for tracking and managing spending.

Over time, we have further developed this tool to improve extraction and presentation of data, setting up automatically regenerating data templates in the Google Suite, for instance, while exploring data analytics tools like Microsoft Power BI.

“It’s an immediate snapshot of how money is spread across various clients and divisions of civil service,” said Ian Christie, Programme Director, Tetra Tech. “They’re able to identify where the most spend is occurring, not just on a client basis, but regionally and in terms of project status and value.”

We embedded a project manager in the GPA to instruct on proper implementation of the cost tool, while also offering a step-by-step process on the project lifecycle through all RIBA stages.

Meanwhile, to manage fit-out works of office buildings, our team has heavily immersed itself in customer engagement to capture requirements of incoming tenants. This has involved setting up regular meetings and reporting tools to gauge physical progress and cater to bespoke needs, including IT integration, room conversions, storage, and much more.


Our support in preparing delivery of fit-out works ultimately helps the GPA operate cheaper offices away from the heart of the London that simultaneously reduce the GPA’s footprint, while also meeting the unique objectives of occupying government departments.

Bolstered by a new cost management tool and optimised internal processes, the GPA has achieved enhanced coordination and interlinkages between project management, finance, and other elements of its organisation.

“The biggest thing we’ve done is allow GPA to effectively derive their decision making from a single source of the truth, which has massive benefits in giving them spending visibility and helping them make more optimal usage of their budgets.” – Ian Christie.

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