Project Simulation Day 2022

On 22 November our HQ in Leeds played host to a project simulation day as part of the development and training of 35 graduates and apprentices from across the UK.  

Using a fully digital approach to project management, the cohort was able to build projects, manage development and simulate risks and other factors, which would be part of a normal project delivery. Through the ‘whole project in one day’ style classroom, they were assessed on their problem-solving skills, stakeholder management and strategy implementation.

Frequently used by senior managers, change leaders, project managers and business strategists, our graduates and apprentices were able to take advantage managing a project in a risk free experience while learning the tried and tested formulae of digital project simulation.

The day offered an engaging insight into project management as well as the development of business acumen skills. It was also a great opportunity for our early careers colleagues to meet each other and build relationships with people from different areas of the business who they may otherwise not have met.

Some of our attendees shared their thoughts on the experience.

What did you enjoy about the Project Simulation Day?


‘It was very interactive. A great team building exercise. We got to mix with people we hadn’t met before which was a good way to expand our network within the company.’


‘It was really nice working on something different with people from other cohorts, both grads and apprentices, that we usually wouldn’t have the opportunity to work with.’


‘I found it a well organised day. We worked really well within the apprentice / graduate teams.’

What did you learn?


‘We learnt how to deal with problems which arose during the project delivery. Also, how to work as a team to overcome a problem and to make sure the client is happy with your decisions. Finally, to always report back to the client when working on a project to ensure consistency and compliance.’


‘Project management is a lot more technical than I expected. It involves working with a range of professionals and ensuring you keep track of all aspects of a project. Also, selecting the right sub-contractors plays a major part in not only the budget put the success of the project.’


‘I learnt how project management and decision making skills go hand in hand for a successful project delivery.’

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