Tetra Tech turns rainbow for Pride 2021

Tetra Tech is celebrating Pride in 2021 by changing our logo to rainbow across social media channels throughout the world. To show support and solidarity with the LGBTQI+ community, we are changing our logos on email footers and social media channels simultaneously on 1 June.

Since we celebrated Pride Month last year, we have held online events and seminars around multiple diversity and inclusion topics and are hoping to be able to link up with friends, colleagues and peers in person at Pride events later in the year.

Whilst there is still uncertainty if Pride events will happen, it is important that we show our support in other ways and fly the rainbow flag through our logo as we know that many of our LGBTQI+ friends still regularly face prejudice in their day-to-day lives. We want everyone to feel welcome at Tetra Tech – because there is a place for everyone.

As an inclusive employer, the diversity of thought that we achieve through true diversity of people makes us the best we can be.  We continually strive to provide a workplace where our people feel safe and empowered to be their true selves at work, with openness and genuine acceptance, without fear of judgement or limitations. You can learn more about Tetra Tech’s commitment to Diversity and Inclusion at tetratech.com.

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