Jason Hall on Representing England at the Copenhagen Marathon

Jason Hall, Environmental Consultant at Tetra Tech, represented England in Denmark for the Copenhagen Marathon. But how did he achieve this success while working full-time, and how did Tetra Tech support him in his personal life goals?

How did you get into the Environmental Consultancy sector?

I studied a renewable energy module in my Mechanical Engineering degree at Northumbria University. This sparked my interest in sustainability, which led me into studying for a master’s degree in Renewable and Sustainable Energy Technologies.

Post university I struggled to find the right job and spent two years as a Highways Engineer, which wasn’t for me, so I made the move back to sustainability and found my current job, working as an Environmental Consultant at Tetra Tech.

What does an average day at Tetra Tech look like for you?

My role focuses predominantly on BREEAM and DREAM. BREEAM (Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method) involves working with clients in the building infrastructure sector and advising what requirements they must meet to achieve their desired sustainability certification rating.

DREAM is very similar but covers MoD (Ministry of Defence) infrastructure. Working in this sector is interesting, and with the national target to achieve Net Zero by 2050, it’s a very relevant and important industry right now.

You recently ran 2:17:28 at the Valencia Marathon, which placed you as 20th in the UK. Was it challenging finding time to train and work at the same time?

Training for a marathon is very tiring, both mentally and physically, and was definitely very challenging. I usually run around 80-85 miles a week, sometimes twice a day, and with a couple of gym sessions thrown in as well.

I had to be quite regimental with training to make sure it didn’t impact my work. This meant lots of cold / dark 6am runs before work and squeezing in extra runs on a lunch time along the Leeds canal when I had the chance.

I’m very lucky to have a good training setup in Leeds, I have a great training group who I do most of my runs with and keep me motivated along with my coach, who has been hugely influential in setting training which is right for me and that I can fit round work.

How did it feel to be selected for your England debut at the Copenhagen Marathon?

It’s my proudest achievement to date. Finding out the news and ringing my best mates and coaches to share the news was very surreal. The support I’ve received has been amazing!

One of my training partners was also selected and having her on the start line next to me that day was a very special moment.

How has Tetra Tech supported you in your training?

I’m surrounded by a great group of people in the Leeds office who are very supportive and are always the first to ask how my running is going. They’ll know if I’ve not raced well or had a tough week of training because I won’t speak as much, and they finally get some peace and quiet from me! But they pick up on things like this and are there to pick me back up.

Working at Tetra Tech is flexible and means I can fit in my training alongside a full-time role. My managers give me the flexibility I need with work to make sure I can enjoy a healthy work/life balance and ensure that we, as a team, fulfil the needs of the clients and my work alongside my running.

There is a strong culture of trust since I started at the company, this has allowed training and work to coexist in a flexible and productive manner.

What are the most important factors in getting the best work/life balance for people with a demanding job role and a demanding pastime like long distance running?

It’s important to me that I work for a company that appreciates the benefits of a good work/life balance and that supports its employees. It’s something that I think is often overlooked in workplaces, but a happy and healthy relationship between the two can allow both to thrive.

I’m very grateful to Tetra Tech for providing this for me. Another important factor is surrounding yourself with good people. Maybe it’s a little cliché, but it doesn’t make it any less true. Having training partners / work colleagues / friends who want the best for you and provide a shoulder to lean on is massive. I surround myself with people who inspire me every day and I don’t think I would be in this position without them!

What advice do you have for people looking to get into Environmental Consultancy?

Explore the opportunities and culture of the places you want to work and make sure it fits what you are looking for. Your workplace should never restrict you from achieving what you want to achieve. I’m fortunate to have support and encouragement at Tetra Tech. Whatever your interest or hobbies, you can be success at both work and personal interests.

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