Filipe Passos – Taking on The Role of Communications Director at ACostE

Filipe Passos, Risk and Assurance Manager at Tetra Tech, has been part of The Association of Cost Engineers (ACostE) for a number of years. During this time his aim has been to help develop and modernise the organisation and attract professionals to join their network. His ongoing involvement with them has recently seen Filipe promoted to Director of Communications within the ACostE. We interviewed Filipe to find out more about ACostE and what his new role will entail.

What is ACostE?

The Association of Cost Engineers is one of the oldest associations in the UK, having been founded in 1926. The purpose that drives the association is to represent the professional interests of those with a degree of responsibility, at all levels, for the prediction, planning and control of resources and cost for activities that involve engineering, manufacturing, and construction.

How did you become involved with ACostE?

I came to the UK in 2013. I began working for the MoD as part of their Cost Analysis and Assurance Services (CAAS), an independent arm of the Department of Equipment and Support (DE&S). While at CAAS, I joined ACostE as a member.

After I moved to Tetra Tech, I was nominated by one of the ACostE Directors to join the Council Board. During my period as a Council Board Member, I started supporting the previous Communications Director.

The way ACostE was marketing themselves and reaching out to their members needed development and I could offer support to improve our ways of engagement. My first input was to refresh the ways of communication, extending it to social network platforms, which allowed ACostE to reach out to younger generations to better represent the market, as before, the representing demographic consisted of older professionals.

While supporting the previous Communications Director, I provided him with support on organising the first ACostE Conference which has now become an annual meeting in Birmingham with the support of Birmingham University. I was one of the key speakers at the conference, aiding to connect with other ACostE members and to get a better understanding of their views and what they would like to take from the Association.

How did your recent appointment to Communications Director come about?

I was nominated for the director position by my peers and colleagues at ACostE in recognition of my previous work. The previous Communications Director proposed me as his succession plan. The board of directors then proposed my new appointment at an Annual General Meeting.

What are you looking to achieve in your new position?

Since joining ACostE, my aim has been to support their continuous development and keep attracting new members.

My aim now, is to help further modernise the association in line with the changes we are seeing across our industry. Most recently I initiated development of a new website. This will help us to connect better with our members and strengthen our brand image.

What does your appointment mean for Tetra Tech?

Tetra Tech has been hugely supportive of my professional career. This has allowed me to be recognised by one of the oldest associations in the UK. Tetra Tech is helping to support and develop professionals across many different disciplines so that our professionals are at the forefront of change in our industry and can bring this wider knowledge to our clients’ projects.

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