Facing Northern Ireland’s environmental liabilities in an uncertain Brexit

The continuing uncertainty over Brexit currently has Northern Ireland (NI) on a knife-edge. The province could either occupy a privileged position within the UK market under a backstop arrangement or face a ‘potentially disastrous’ no-deal Brexit and hard EU border.

Inherent difficulties have ensued for businesses, developers, and investors in planning for the very different scenarios. From a property perspective, recent reports suggest that investors are still looking to invest in NI, albeit with pricing impacted by the uncertainty over both Brexit and Stormont’s governmental absence.

As details of any potential deal or no-deal develop and the pound’s value inevitably fluctuates, the market may respond quickly with the potential for significant foreign investment. There has, therefore, never been a more important time for investors and businesses to become better informed on environmental liabilities associated with their proposed investment and divestment strategies for either scenario.

Tetra Techcan advise with respect to environmental liabilities on a site-specific basis for both single- and multiple-site portfolios. Please contact Alan Dew, Principal Geo-Environmental Consultant within our Environment team at [email protected] to disuss our environmental due diligence services further.

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