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Security Consultancy

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Modern security breaches are quick, complex, and continually evolving. Tetra Tech’s security consultants help protect valuable assets, information, and processes to ensure our clients remain compliant and safe.

The combined challenges and dangers of increased security threats require deep assessments and cost-effective solutions. Tetra Tech’s team of security project management consultants use various capabilities to create a specialist security plan that considers the whole project lifecycle.

We assist our clients by integrating threat mitigation measures to improve project outputs. With a focus on collaboration, we bring together clients, stakeholders, and service providers to reach successful outcomes.

To achieve this success, our security project management philosophy is based on aligning security enhancements with a project’s core objectives. We begin with identifying threats via Vulnerability Assessments that then influence a design across multiple facets from building/landscape layout to material selection, data management, and how people use the space.

Our specialists are members of The Register of Security Engineers and Specialists (RSES) and The Security Institute (SyI) and are supported by Tetra Tech’s wider team of in-house and external specialists.

Our security consultants in the UK and Europe are backed by decades of industry-leading IT and cybersecurity expertise provided by Tetra Tech in the U.S. Learn more about Tetra Tech’s Federal IT Group.

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Our featured security consultancy highlights

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Tetra Tech becomes SABRE Security Services licensed

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