Sports and Recreation

Tetra Tech Planning works with local authorities, Sport England, governing bodies, education establishments, and private sector partners to deliver sports and recreation planning solutions.

Tetra Tech Planning is a leading deliverer of strategic sport and leisure strategic solutions to the public and private sectors. Through our collaborative approach, we apply win-win solutions to promoting development in a sports planning policy context.

We are proud to be the only sports consultancy appointed by Sport England to its Strategic Planning Framework on all four sports lots:

  1. strategic planning
  2. needs assessments
  3. playing pitch strategies
  4. sport specific strategies.

We provide evidence-based work for local authorities to support the Local Plan process, Playing Pitch Strategies, Assessing Needs and Opportunities Guide (ANOG) assessments, and sports needs assessments for developers across the whole range of sports facility types from stadia to golf courses and playing fields.

Our services include:

  • Playing Pitch Strategies
  • Sports needs assessment
  • Golf needs assessment
  • Sports planning policy advice
  • Sport England mitigation strategy
  • National Governing Body (NGB) consultation
  • Sport England mitigation strategy
  • Discharge of conditions
  • Community use agreement
  • Sports development plan

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