Crown Commercial Service (CCS) Frameworks

We are appointed to seven Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks. These allow all public sector clients to directly award projects or include us in further competition.

The framework agreements are flexible enough to accommodate a range of uses and free to use for contracting authorities

The frameworks we hold a place on are:

G-Cloud 13 (RM1557.13)

Cloud hosting and software services, together with associated support services to the UK central government departments and all other public sector bodies.

  • Lot 3: Cloud Support

 Heat Networks & Electricity Generation Assets DPS (RM3824)

Energy demand management and generation services delivered through a flexible, easy-to-use and OJEU compliant dynamic purchasing system (DPS)

  • Lot 1: Energy Advisory, Design & Technical Services

Construction Professional Services (RM6165)

A wide range of technical advisory services in support of building and civil engineering projects of all scales and sizes.  We are the only company to have qualified on all Lots;

  • Lot 1: Built Environment
  • Lot 2: Urban Regeneration
  • Lot 3: International
  • Lot 4: High Rise
  • Lot 5: Defence
  • Lot 6: Environmental

Estate Management Services (RM6168)

A simplified means of sourcing end to end property management services, from consultancy to disposal.

  • Lot 4: Surveying and Strategic Advice

Management Consultancy Framework (RM6187)

Access to consultancy including business, strategy and policy, finance, HR, procurement, health/social care and community, infrastructure and environment.

  • Lot 8: Infrastructure including Transport
  • Lot 9: Environmental Sustainability & Socio-Economic Development

Space-Enabled and Geospatial Services DPS (RM6235)

This agreement has suppliers that can provide remote geospatial, locational, communication and sensing capabilities. Services available may include data, technology solutions and aerial and land-based platforms.

  • Lot 1: Space-Enabled and Geospatial Services

Construction Professional Services DPS (RM6242)

A range of expert professional and technical construction services, typically smaller, more localised and singular or specialist service requirements

  • Lot 1: Construction Professional Services DPS

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