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Tetra Tech helps public sector clients improve their operations, maximise the value of their assets, and deliver on their promises to communities and stakeholders.

The UK is embarking on unprecedented national change as we exit the European Union, to shape a new Industrial Strategy, and put digital and net zero carbon at the forefront of our public services. Central and local government officials will need to generate innovative solutions in the face of this change.

Tetra Tech works closely with departments, authorities, and agencies to provide the insight that informs their decision-making on how to navigate uncertain times whilst continuing to deliver essential public services. We provide a full and flexible suite of professional advisory services to help our clients improve their operations, maximise asset value, and deliver on commitments to their communities and stakeholders.

Our public sector work is driven by our passion for making a difference, whether it’s enhancing transport networks, improving patient access to lifesaving drugs, supporting safety and justice, or delivering better embassy infrastructure in which the UK can negotiate new trade deals.

We are appointed to seven Crown Commercial Service (CCS) frameworks. These allow all public sector clients to directly award projects or include us in further competition.

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