Coral Acton – 12 Months as an Apprentice at Tetra Tech

Each year we take on a number of Apprentices and graduates onto our early careers programme in order to continue to grow our workforces and attract new emerging talent into the industry.  We interviewed Coral Acton, an apprentice who has just finished her first 12 months within the company as an apprentice project manager. Coral answered some questions about her first year, detailing her thoughts, impressions and feelings from the onboarding process to getting settled into her role.

Initially, what attracted you into applying for an apprenticeship at Tetra Tech?

Tetra Tech gave me the opportunity to get a degree alongside valuable work experience. As Tetra Tech is a big company, I knew there would be many opportunities for me to develop within the business. The company values and culture made me feel sure that applying for this role was the right move. Tetra Tech look after their employees and the support is always there if needed.

What was your experience of the interviewing / assessment process?

My onboarding process may have been different from others as I joined throughout the pandemic, so all interviews were online. Even with this being the case, I felt comfortable as the interview was more relaxed than I expected. I was interviewed by my now line manager and a member of the team, which helped me get to know the team before I joined. There was regular contact on my progress throughout the process through with phone calls and emails.

What were your thoughts and feelings when you first joined Tetra Tech?

On my first day, I met my line manager and was shown around.  He introduced me to different members of the business who were all welcoming. My initial thought was that the transition from college to full time work would be a lot to handle, but with the support around me from team members I was shown I had nothing to worry about.

What is your favourite aspect of the apprenticeship?

I like having the experience of being in a professional work environment and working on a variety of interesting projects. There have been many opportunities for me to develop my skillset. For example, being an Association for Project Management (APM) student and already achieving my Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ) Certificate put me ahead of the curve. As the team is based all around the country, I enjoy getting out and about to the different offices and getting to know the wider team, this gives me a greater knowledge of the employees and the work Tetra Tech does as a business.

Have you felt supported during your first year?

100%. The team have been a huge factor in making me feel supported. We have weekly calls and catch ups and if I have any issues I know if I speak to a member of the team, they can help and guide me. HR and colleagues from other teams are always there if I need further support. I know that this support will continue throughout my career at Tetra Tech.

Would you recommend an apprenticeship at Tetra Tech to others?

I would recommend an apprenticeship at Tetra Tech as it’s clear the business wants to help people develop and grow. They have invested in me which has made me feel that I can offer them value and that they see something in me. You will have that support throughout your career there.

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