City of London names Tetra Tech Air Quality Champion

Tetra Tech has signed an air quality pledge to the City of London, joining a growing list of organisations committed to reducing their emissions and improving air quality in the Square Mile.

Within the pledge, our team promised to reduce the number of vehicles delivering to our Angel Court-based office, and to work with the building’s facilities managers to assess energy needs and improve efficiency. We also plan to help limit the impact of poor air quality on our colleagues by promoting walking, cycling and healthier lifestyles through a number of internal campaigns.

A formal lunchtime ceremony was held at Angel Court, London on 29th March to induct Tetra Tech and several other organisations into the City of London’s Air Quality Champions Network.

Tetra Tech  currently provides consultancy services to a variety of public and private sector clients on how to implement solutions to help reduce vehicle emissions. This includes initiatives that encourage more walking, cycling and efficient delivery and servicing activity. Most recently, we have helped clients incentivise their staff to consider electric vehicle use by implementing a company-wide electric vehicle mileage expenses rate.

Launched in 2017, the Air Quality Champions network is part of the CityAir business engagement programme that showcases the initiatives of its members as examples for other organisations to follow.

Sarah Wixey, Associate Director, Transport, Tetra Tech, said: “When Tetra Tech moved to its Angel Court building we joined the Corporation’s CityAir Business Engagement programme. As a business, we have benefited from attending the lunchtime seminars, contributing to the City’s Transport Strategy and making use of the various best practice documents available to help businesses reduce their impacts on air quality.  We are proud to be formally recognised by the City of London as an Air Quality Champion and are committed to continue working with the CityAir team.”

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